Welcome to the Holospex, Inc. web page.

HoloSpex, Inc. was incorporated in 1995 with the goal of commercializing far field digital holograms. By the end of 1996 we had sold close to one million HoloSpex Glasses each containing two digital holographic lenses. To date we have sold more than 150 million HoloSpex Glasses in a variety of venues.

We continue to devote attention to improving the technology behind the success of our holographic glasses. We are employing new methods to create different classes of digital holograms to improve the viewing experience. In addition, we are moving forward with plans to incorporate our digital holograms into new products and environments.

In addition to commercial product applications, our hologram fabrication capabilities are ideal for generating low cost diffractive elements for proof-of-principle research experiments. Our staff members are active in research in a variety of topics in modern optics.